Wall to wall renovation (825 Martin Luther King Jr Wy Seattle, WA)

This is likely one of our most exciting remodels (thus far..). The home was built in 1907 and was mostly original, including lath and plaster walls, knob and tube wiring, old galvanized plumbing, and no off-street parking. We created 3 parking stalls for $5,000 in the rear of the home that include a 4’ foundation. The interior of the home was gutted removing all of the dated lath and plaster, electrical, and plumbing. We replaced nearly everything to modern standards including lifting the home from its foundation to re-frame some of the rotted structural framing. Additionally, there was a high ceiling attic that we were able to open up and finish out to a beautiful light filled loft that is accessed by a spiral staircase. Total cost: would you believe the owner only spent $140,000!